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Get Involved!


The EJ League has several projects, and each one offers a unique way to get involved in the fight for environmental justice in our communities.  Check out OUR WORK to see which initiative you’re interested in!


More Ways to Participate

The EJ League has been reaching out to the community to hear the concerns residents have about the quality of our city environment and the connection between our environment and our health. Through these conversations we’ll begin to identify the biggest issues and then make a plan to organize together.

You can get involved right now!  Start by contacting our office.  You can:

Tell us about an environmental justice issue currently affecting your neighborhood, school, or workplace. If necessary, we can also make referrals to lawyers or state agencies to help address your problem.

Bring together a group of your neighbors for a small group meeting in your home, congregation, or school to hear what people are concerned about.

Contact the relevant agency listed on our Contact page when you have a specific problem with lead, vacant lots, unsafe playgrounds, etc. Our city and state officials need to hear your concerns. If they can’t answer your question or help you, call us.

The EJ League is always looking for new members, volunteers, and student interns. Contact us if you are interested in learning about more ways you can participate!

3 Responses

  1. Hello! I am a current sophomore at Brown University, and am currently taking an Environmental Studies course. For the course, we are required to do a final project. For my final project, I am interested in doing work specifically related to environmental justice and/or racism in the Providence area. Please let me know in what ways I can get involved with the EJLRI with regards to those topics.

    Thanks so much!

    Michael Stumpf

  2. Hi EJ League,
    My name is Karyn. I am a grad student at Lesley U. in their Urban Environmental Leadership Program. I also work full time in the Media Services dept. at Brown U. I have worked with Clean Water Action on some of their diesel initiatives throughout the years.

    If there are any issues that need researching for the EJ league, I am offering my services as a grad student. So far, for school I have been doing my best to document the composting inititives in Rhode Island. I have also looked at public transportation. If there is anything that comes to mind or a capacity in which I can be useful, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you, Karyn Lo Muscio

  3. Hi EJLRI,

    My name is Morgan. I am a senior in high school and I have to research a local organization working for justice. I was wondering if someone could please answer some questions for me. Please contact me for the questions. Thanks so much!

    Morgan Alexander

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