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EJ League’s Weatherization Program

What Is Weatherization??

“Weatherization” includes a number of different techniques for making a home or building better insulated and more energy efficient.  It includes things like plugging holes and leaks in the attic and basement, putting in better insulation, sealing windows and doors, installing efficient lights, faucets, and shower heads, and much more.  Weatherization is a good thing because it

  • saves energy and heat
  • cuts down on heating bills
  • creates green jobs

What does the EJ League do?

The EJ League’s Weatherization Program is focused on

What is a Weatherization Open House?

Formerly known as “Energy Efficiency Barn-Raisings” (name changed because this has nothing to do with barns…), a Weatherization Open House involves a community resident opening their home to have volunteers come and help them Weatherize it, for free.  It’s an all around win for everyone involved:

  • the resident (tenant or homeowner) gets their home Weatherized and can save $$$ on their energy bills
  • volunteers (friends, neighbors, family) get to learn weatherization skills they can apply at home
  • students from job training programs get on-the-job management experience that gives them a competitive edge
  • local weatherization businesses get free promotion and media attention
  • everyone gets to have a good time, meet new people, share food, and learn helpful skills

Click here to learn more about the Weatherization Open Houses, or contact Julian Rodríguez-Drix if you’re interested in getting involved  (email Julian@ejlri.org or call 383-7441)

What other resources are there for Weatherizations?

  1. If you qualify for LI-HEAP heating assistance (check here for income requirements), you can receive a free energy audit and weatherization.  Click here for more info, or contact your local CAP agency to sign up.  If you’d like assistance with this process, contact Julian Rodríguez-Drix at the EJ League at Julian@ejlri.org or 383-7441
  2. Any National Grid electric customer can receive a FREE energy audit – call 1-888-633-7947 for more info, or click here to read about the EnergyWise program
  3. You can get a Green Credit Builder Loan from Capital Good Fund to weatherization your home!  Click here for more info

What about Jobs?  Can I get a green job in Weatherization?

Yes!  There are a number of job training and certification programs in the field of energy audits and Weatherization.  If you’re interested, contact Julian Rodríguez-Drix (Julian@ejlri.org or 383-7441) about your interests and we’ll help connect you with an appropriate job training program.

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