CARE Community Priorities

What is the CARE Alliance?

How we determined community environmental health priorities through CARE:

In Spring 2009, the EJ League formed the CARE Alliance, a working group made up of a variety of stakeholders including individual community members, partner organizations, staff from state and city agencies, and businesses.  Together we started by brainstorming all the environmental health concerns we could think of that impact Providence residents, and identified additional issues to learn more about over the course of the two-year project.

Based on our initial issue list we developed community education forums, trainings, events, neighborhood walking tours, and other resources to educate the Providence community about environmental health.  We also began taking action to work on issues that community residents felt needed to be addressed immediately.

Now, at the end of this two-year process, we’ve prioritized the issues we think we can make a real impact on and created an action plan to address them.

Read our final CARE Environmental Health Assessment here.

CARE Alliance Community Priorities
(as of October 2010)

Air Pollution and Improving Public Transportation
Brownfields and Contaminated Land
Restoring our Urban Ponds
Healthy Homes and Schools: Indoor Air Quality and Drinking Water Quality
Gorham Manufacturing Site
Access to Healthy Foods
Reducing Waste and Increasing Recycling

CARE Alliance Community Priorities
(as of March 2009)

Healthy Food
Quality grocery stores
Farmers markets
Clean streets
Lead-free homes/safe housing
Stopping street violence
Reduce diesel pollution
Education for community
Health and wellness
Safe housing
Environmental laws
Trash cans
Public transit, clean and convenient
Wind power
Community investment
Clean natural resources, air and water
Access to good quality parks
Greater church/faith involvement
Cleaning up contaminated lands
Training and access to green jobs
Community centers
Access to quality education
Access to quality health care
Equal rights
Music/community entertainment
Sense of community
Community pride
Empowering renters
Public resources should be accessible
More town hall meetings
Holding slumlords and polluters accountable
Figuring out ways auto body shops can pollute less
Peer-to-Peer education
Responsible brownfields clean-up and development
Waterfront, Atwells Ave
Adelaide Ave
Recreation centers and opportunities for youth
Protect properties on Valley St from flooding
Traffic in Olneyville Square


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