Our Work

In order to achieve Environmental Justice here in Rhode Island we have to build our power by bringing people together and demanding a place at the table when decisions are being made about our environment. Our vision is of a society and economy that does not put any community in harm’s way but instead protects our health and the well-being of our neighborhoods and families.

These are some of the different projects currently making up the work of the EJ League:

Community Environmental College

The Community Environmental College is a joint project with Brown University’s Superfund Basic Research Program.  Check out the page here!

CARE Alliance

The EJ League’s CARE Alliance is:

  • A forum to learn about environmental problems and ideas for solutions from your neighbors and experts
  • An action group that will educate and involve more community members based on their interests and concerns
  • A partnership to identify and implement changes in the city that will reduce environmental and health problems for all of Providence

The CARE Alliance is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-funded program to bring diverse stakeholders to the table to identify the sources of toxic pollution and environmental hazards in Providence.  Community members from across the city, representatives from city and state government, as well as business and industry will use CARE as a forum to identify the priority toxic hazards in the city and create an action plan to address these problems.

Energy Efficency Barn-Raisings

Read about our Energy Efficiency Barn-Raisings!


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