SWAGG Snacks

Now announcing…

the winners of our

SWAGG Snacks Video Challenge!!

Drum roll please….

Grand prize ($500)Abe Vargas and Juan Ramirez from Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA)  for “Vengeance”  SEE IT HERE ON YOUTUBE  – This video does a great job of showing many of the social pressures that make it more difficult to choose healthy foods – not having enough money, parents making the food choices for the entire family, peer and family pressure to eat unhealthy, bullying and being made fun of for not being thin which makes people feel bad about themselves (which might lead to eating more unhealthy foods)… AND it shows some of the solutions — finding friends who will support you to make healthy choices, exercising, and standing up for your right to be healthy!

2nd place ($250) Gianna Salazar from the Met High School for “Feed Your SWAGG” SEE IT HERE ON YOUTUBE  – This video does a great job at showing some of the effects of eating junk food on youth and their performance in school AND talks about how limited access to healthy foods and what’s in our neighborhoods determines what we can find to eat in the first place.  Gianna also encourages us to make healthy choices against all the odds stacked against us!

3rd place ($100)Preston Powell and Humberto Guzman from Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA) for “Big Wac” SEE IT HERE ON YOUTUBE – This video does a great job, showing in a simple and clear way, how the media and advertising affects our food choices and what it is we desire to eat… even if we know it’s not really that good for us.  Humberto’s “No!!” is wake up call for all of us – showing that we can stand up to the pressure of the media and fast food companies and choose healthy foods!

Honorable Mention ($100)RiverzEdge Arts Project for “SWAGG Snacks” SEE IT HERE ON VIMEO  – This video received the award for “Best Production” because it looks super professional!  It also does a great job of communicating a clear message about making healthy snack choices – we think this will be a great video to show to elementary school kids when ECO Youth goes out to do more food and nutrition workshops in 2013!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support ECO Youth and our video challenge participants!  Great job!!


Join us at our SWAGG Snacks Awards Gala
on December 19th!

You’ll get a chance to see the winning entries in our video contest, and support ECO Youth’s food justice campaigns.

SWAGG Snacks Awards Gala

Youth!  Want a chance to WIN $500?? 

Enter the SWAGG Snacks Video Challenge

ECO Youth is calling on all Rhode Island youth to create a 1-5 minute video about the challenges you, your family, or your friends face trying to eat healthful foods, how you try to overcome these challenges, and why it’s important to you.

Grand Prize for the winning video is a $500 college scholarship – one for each age category: 12-15 and 16-18.  Two runners-up in each category will win $100.

Check out our Facebook page for updates, rules, and criteria for entering the contest.  Submissions due October 31, 2012

Submit videos online (include your name, phone, email, and school name in the post): www.facebook.com/groups/swaggsnacks

SWAGG Snacks is ECO Youth’s newest food justice campaign. Building off the Healthy Corner Store Initiative, ECO Youth have developed a social marketing campaign geared to middle and high school youth to encourage all youth in our city and state to FEED THEIR SWAGG.

What makes you feel good, look good, and feel confident?  What gives you swag?  SWAGG Snacks!

Contact eco.youth.ri@gmail.com if you have questions


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