CARE Alliance

The EJ League’s CARE Alliance is:

  • A forum to learn about environmental problems, toxic exposure risks, and ideas for solutions from your neighbors and experts
  • An action group that will educate and involve more community members based on their interests and concerns
  • A partnership to identify and implement changes in the city that will reduce environmental and health problems for all of Providence


The EJ League’s CARE Alliance  was an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-funded program to bring diverse stakeholders to the table to identify the sources of toxic pollution and environmental hazards in Providence.  Community members from across the city, representatives from city and state government, as well as business and industry used CARE as a forum to identify priority toxic hazards in the city and through this process we created an action plan to address our priority concerns.

The CARE project officially ran from 2009-2011 but continues to inform the work of the EJ League as our organization grows and develops.  Campaigns that came out of the CARE process include the Gorham Site organizing, partnering with the Urban Pond Procession to restore Mashapaug Pond, supporting city and state recycling initiatives, and our home weatherization program.

Our recent youth-led work around air quality and the GreenD(RI)VE bus project is an outgrowth of our final CARE action plan, which included identifying opportunities to address asthma and improve both indoor and outdoor air quality.

Read the full list of Environmental Health Issues facing Providence that the CARE Alliance identified.

Here are photos from some of our past CARE activities:

happy soil samplers

CARE participants learn how to test their soil for lead and garden safely.

Picture 15

Participants on our Environmental Justice Tour of the West End learn more about lead hazards.

And some resources you might like:

Check out this GREEN CLEANING GUIDE in English and LIBRO DE RECETAS en Espanol


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