Green Credit-Builder Loan

Our partner, the Capital Good Fund, is launching a new effort to help low and moderate-income homeowners and tenants improve their credit scores while making their homes more energy efficient! It’s called the Green Credit Builder Loan and will be available to qualifying homeowners and tenants in February 2010.  The $200 loan covers the purchase and installation of a high-quality programmable thermostat and is paid back in 9 installments of $23 each month.  Contact for more information or to sign up for the loan.

Also in 2010, the EJ League and the Capital Good Fund will pilot a loan program to cover the costs of weatherization materials for homeowners and tenants who want to participate in the Energy Efficiency Barn-Raisings.  Stay tuned for more details.

The Capital Good Fund (CGF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to create a poverty-free, inclusive green economy through innovative microfinance.  To achieve this, CGF provides workshops, affordable loans, technical assistance and consulting to low and moderate-income entrepreneurs, to legal permanent residents seeking to apply for U.S. citizenship, to individuals interested in building their credit and learning to manage their finances, and to small and medium businesses hoping to improve their environmental sustainability and create green jobs.


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